The Role of The Female Aggressor

Generally, people don’t talk about domestic violence that is done on women. However, it is something that is very important to be discussed. It has been found that about 98% of victims of trafficking for being exploited sexually have been performed with the women and girls.

In 2011, about 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults had taken place in the military. Girls who are less than 15 years old are more likely to die while giving birth to the child. Pregnancy causes death of girls aged 15 – 19 yrs. Incidents related to domestic violence take place in every 15 seconds in U.S. Rape is one form of violence that takes place against women that is prevalent in colleges or on university campuses. There are some cases, however, where women are sometimes the abusers.

No domestic violenceDomestic violence is a popular concern among people. It consists of all the dangers that women can face in being mistreated by men. According to a study, a woman is more likely to be killed or injured severely by their male partners yet rarely are the roles reversed where men are the victims. In the past, many innocent women lost their lives through no fault of their own.

Lets take a look at the other side of the story now. In more recent studies, more than 8,300,000 men become victims of domestic violence every year. Every 37.8 seconds in North America, a man becomes the victim of domestic abuse. These are approximate statistics on the amount of abused men and the actual result can be even more shocking if we consider the fact that many never come forward and disclose the truth.

The executive director and the founder of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men, Jan Brown, said that domestic violence is about abuse, control and power and it is about dangerous situations that men get surrounded in. The hotline is there for when they seek help. He said that it does not matter if it is a man or a woman, the thing that matters is whether any form of domestic violence is taking place.

In 2011, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health collected all necessary information of about domestic violence14, 322 individuals who were aged between 18 and 28. It also questioned about the romantic or the sexual relationship that they were engaged in for the last five years and if it involved any kind of violence or not. This study revealed that out of 18,761 relationships about 76 percent were non – violent in nature while 24 % involved violence. About half of them were reciprocal in nature. This means that both the partners were violent against each other. 53 % of men and 49% of women experienced good relationships. They were non – reciprocal in nature.

The most shocking statistics is that in most of the cases, women were found responsible for domestic violence (25 percent against 11 percent). In 71 percent cases of non reciprocal violence by the partner, woman is found to be the main instigator. It is believed that the female aggression in a relationship is mainly for self – defence. Talking about the injury, a man has been found to be more injured in comparison to the women. 25% of times men got injured against 20% of women.

The National statistics of the Great Britain reveal that if 1.2 million women experienced domestic violence then 8,000,000 men also experienced the same in the U.K. Only 40% men suffered from domestic violence.

stop-domestic-violence-logoThe Psychology Department of the State University of California states that after examining various investigations, studies and review, it has been found that the women are as or even more aggressive than men in relationship with their spouses or male partners in comparison with the men. Results show that as an intimate partner men become the victim of aggression of women in a relationship. All the reports made by organisations like National Institute of Health, American Sociological Association, Psychology of Women Quarterly have also similar findings in this case.

There have been many accusations made in North America. We are not solely blaming the male or the female; we are just trying to broaden the definition of the abuser and the victim. Such is the reality and the truth of the domestic violence is sad in a place like North America. The fact is that both partners are equally responsible for something that happens like domestic violence.

If mutual respect for both partners is absent in any relation, events like this is more prone to happen. It is very wrong to make a statement about the domestic abuse based on the gender because what people generally perceive is very different from the reality.

New Traditions VS Old Traditions

What is it that makes tradition? (I feel like Tevia from Fiddler on the roof right now!) Its a set of quality beliefs and practices that are passed down form one generation to another. Or even in the micro sense of being routines practice within a lifetime. Should I check Websters on that one-I think I’m pretty close…

One thing I think is failing in our society is the tradition of passing down VALUES. I live in California and it seems the only tradition that is being passed down here is feeding ones ego and looking out for yourself. The new generation coming up is even more soulless in the ways they are dealing with relationships in their life. I’m mainly referencing the addiction to cell phones that is increasingly becoming an epidemic among the general population.

There used to be more playtime OUTSIDE with kids. This digital era is nurturing our future to become robots. The amount of time one spends on thier cell phone is alarmingly high and I believe it will continue the trend until the prophecy of Ray Kurtzweil becomes reality.

His “Singularity” theory predicts there will be a point of singularity when man becomes machine.  The amount of evidence of this movement is very compelling. I see it happening already to the drone faced, emotionless teenagers who spends a third of their waking hours nose deep in his cell phone. If he or she could crawl in there-they would!

I suppose I would liek to end this rant with the mere notion of reminding everyone that people are fun too! The world is an amazing place to live in and if your attention is in the digital confines of a box 320px wide, well…. you’re gonna miss all the good stuff!